20 to 22 April LUGANOMUSICA

Teatro Studio LAC Lugano
20-21-22 aprile 2018



20-21-22 April 2018

New faces, expressions and programs at the LAC, on the weekend from 20 to 22 April 2018, for the third edition of the cycle dedicated by LuganoMusica to the most important chamber ensemble, the string quartet. If the Belcea and Pražák quartets are among the most successful of the moment, Van Kuijk is rather a bright, recent discovery on the international scene. The theme of the cycle maintains – as in previous editions – the healthy alternation between classical-romantic and twentieth century masterpieces, ranging from Mendelssohn to Webern, from Dvořák to Ligeti, from Haydn to Schoenberg and Debussy.

With spring, the Quartetti Weekend returns to LuganoMusica: a sort of minifestival, a full immersion in a genre of chamber music that is as refined and generous as masterpieces of all historical periods. A distinctive feature of this series of concerts has always been the alternation of classic and romantic pages with some masterpieces of the 20th century.

It starts on Friday 20 April at 8.30 pm with the Belcea Quartet. Born in 1994 at the Royal College of Music in London, this group has an exquisitely European soul: the Romanian violinist Corina Belcea and the Polish violist Krzysztof Chorzelski, the two founders, transmit to you the musical tradition of the countries of origin, which broadens to the French colleagues Axel Schacher (violin) and Antoine Lederlin (cello), without forgetting the experience of their mentors and masters, the famous Quartetti Berg and Amadeus. In Lugano the four musicians reaffirm their classic roots and their equally strong striving for modernity. It starts with the last of the Six Quartets that Haydn wrote in 1772 (collected as work 20) ​​and we arrive at the famous Quartet in F Major “American” by Dvořák, composed of the Czech emigrants in Spillville, in the state of Iowa. At the center of the evening, the First Quartet by György Ligeti, emblematic work of the ‘Hungarian’ period of the Transylvanian composer, which bears the fascinating subtitle of “Métamorphoses nocturnes”. The choice of three authors, Haydn, Dvořák and Ligeti, is very significant, and like the members of Belcea, they effectively symbolize the encounter between the musical cultures of Central Europe and Eastern Europe.
Saturday, April 21 at 20.30 is the time of the historic Quartetto Pražák, in his career for several decades, so much to have gained a wide notoriety now, which leads him to be recognized as the best heir of the Bohemian quartet tradition. It was 1972 when a group of talented students from the Prague Conservatory gave birth to the first nucleus of the Quartet, destined for a long history. Current members of the Pražák are the violinists Jana Vonášková and Vlastimil Holek, the violist Josef Klusoň and the cellist Michal Kaňka. In the concert at LuganoMusica, the Pražák Quartet presents two works of the Second School of Vienna, which clearly show the influence of Brahms, Dvořák and Mahler: the Quartet in D major (published posthumously and without an opera number) by Arnold Schoenberg and a movement for string quartet of his pupil Anton Webern, “Langsamer Satz” WoO6. In the second part of the program the Pražák returns ideally at home, with the First Quartet in E minor by Bedřich Smetana (“From my life”), constitutive act of a new Czech chamber season and very original work, starting from the autobiographical content underlying the program of the four movements. In fact, the author wrote: “I wanted to trace the course of my life in music”, indicating on this page a sort of symphonic poem for four voices.
The quartet marathon at the Studio LAC Theater ended on Sunday 22nd April at 5.00 pm with the sparkling Quartetto Van Kuijk, who recently set foot in the international limelight thanks to the victories at the London quartet (Wigmore Hall), Trondheim and Aix-en-Provence competitions. The four young members of the quartet, the violinists Nicolas van Kuijk and Sylvain Favre-Bulle, the violist Grégoire Vecchioni and the cellist François Robin, have been defined by the authoritative Guardian as the “four French guys who make music smile”, for the vitality of their performances. The concert will begin with the first masterpiece by Claude Debussy, the Quartet in G minor op. 10 of 1892, to then offer the public the five aphoristic and concentrated Pieces for String Quartet op. 5 of Webern. Romantic ending with the Third Quartet by Felix Mendelssohn op. 44, written in 1839, which was immediately considered a model for the quartet rebirth of the mid-nineteenth century, leaving its imprint on colleagues who then ventured with this training, from Schumann to César Franck.

Studio LAC Theater
Friday 20 April, 8.30 pm – BELCEA QUARTET
Saturday 21 April, 8.30 pm – QUARTETTO PRAZAK
Sunday, April 22nd,