from 10 to 12 August Vicolo Poldo

Schignano (Co) - Vicolo Poldo e Centro Polivalente (via Rosa del Sasso)
Venerdì 10 Agosto 2018 - Domenica 12 Agosto 2018


Vicolo Poldo

Friday 10 August 2018 – Sunday 12 August 2018
Schignano (Co) – Vicolo Poldo and Centro Polivalente (via Rosa del Sasso)

competition in painting, watercolor, sculpture and poetry

“Works in competition” and “Works out of competition”


10 AUGUST – 9.00 pm: Inauguration with music by “la fugheta”

August 11 – 11.00: impromptu inauguration at the alley

from 2.00 pm: “Vicolino”, a workshop dedicated to all children at the multi-purpose center

9.00 pm: conference, with musical entertainment and presentation of the book “100 years of the Trans-Siberian” on Flaminio Pagani by Enzo Pifferi.

12 AUGUST – From 2.00 pm: continuation of the “Vicolino” at the multi-purpose center

6.00 pm: rhyme aperitif with Vincenzo Guarracino, poet and literary critic

8.45 pm: Vicolino award ceremony

9.00 pm: Boscultura photo contest award ceremony

9.15 pm: award ceremony for alley works in competition

BEFORE 4 AUGUST: delivery of signatures and works

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