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Property Management after purchase.  Have you bought your dreams house on Lake Como? Well done!

What do you have to do now?

Here below some tips for new owners,to make it easier:

After purchasing a property, you must:

· Change all utilities in your name such as electricity, Internet connection, water and so on;

· Inform the condo manager, if there is one, that you are the new owner. The same for the Municipality or Police only if you are an extra-Eu

· Fill in the form to water and waste tax (Tari), Tasi (municipality tax) and Imu (property tax)

· Choose the internet company if you don’t have one

Let’s see in detail:

Utilities electricity, gas, water, telephone/Internet connection…

· Ask to the seller the last invoice.

· Take the last number of the meter for each user

· To change supplier, call the Customer Service who will ask you the User Code, (you will find it in the invoice), and your Tax Code. If you want a direct debit payments, keep your Iban handy.

· Remember to change the utilities, it is better to use the same company of the previous owner. Later you will be able to change the supplier.

Waste tax (TARI) and water:

· The waste tax (Tari) and water are the responsibility of the municipality or of companies appointed by it. On the Municipality’s website you can often download the form to change them in your name. If you cannot find the forms call the municipality or go in person to request them or ask to send them to you.

Internet connection

· Most countries have a web internet coverage or internet broadband. It is always better to verify it. If you don’t have a web coverage, you can choose a connection by a sattelite dish as Eolo company.

Municipality taxes, TASI &IMU

· TASI is the acronym of “indivisible services tax” are services for lighting, for landscaping, for cleaning street and for all those services under the jurisdiction of the municipality which are used by the community and it is not possible to measure the use for every citizen.

· IMU is the property tax. It must be paid for all properties, except for the main residence. But if the main house is a luxury property, the IMU must be paid. You pay for the second home and for other buildings such as garages, warehouses, parking lots and building land

· TASI & IMU are paid together. The total is divided into two deadlines: 16 June and 16 December of each year. Payment notices are not always issued by the municipality and it is often better to check the amounts received using an accountant. The fee will be paid through the banks by submitting a form with the reference codes and the total amount.


· Send your contact details to the condominium manager in order to receive notices.


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