Scenic Flights -ALPS – Lake Como

Peaks, valleys, alpine lakes, pastures and cabins, but also ancient boroughs, towns and historical villas.
Discover the beauties of Lake Como and the neighboring Valtellina and Valchiavenna. Choose one of our tours and get ready for an exciting flight, which will allowyou to discover the wonders that make this part of Italy unique and world famous for its magnificent landscape.
Are you looking for a promptforaparticular andoriginalweekend?
Visit our website, and choose one of the customized packages we have designed for you: from lunch in a starred restaurant, to a day on the golf courses, froma relaxing break at the spa to a typical lunch in a panoramic mountain hut.
Ourtwin-engine helicopters,are at your disposal for any need to travel in Italy and abroad.Comfort is ensured by the VIP interior and air conditioning.
Our home base is in Bene Lario, but the place of departure can be arranged from a suitable location close to your Resort/ villa

Alps s.r.l.
Administrative Office & Operating Base:
Loc. Vigna, via Pio XI
22010 Bene Lario (CO)

mob. +39 345 8047595
Phone +39 0344 537283

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