Climbing – Val d’ Intelvi

Carate Urio Crag: To reach it: along the Regina road, at the Carate Urio sign, park under the church, near a hairpin bend. From here a stone staircase leads above the aforementioned church, along the cemetery, signs Falesia. Follow for Somaina, a small cluster of old stone houses, and after about 30 meters. deviate to the right for a well marked path (indications: after the light poles, deviation to the left and past two small ridges, fixed ropes, you arrive at the crag. Total: 15 minutes from the car).

DIFFICULTY – In Laino there is a climbing tower that has different difficulties, starting from the minimum age of 5 years.
Extreme: the Carate Urio Crag is demanding and is intended for medium-experienced climbers (degree of French difficulty 5a / 8a).

TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT – For those wishing to try climbing to the Laino Tower and not having the necessary equipment. Introduce yourself with shoes with a good grip.- The climbing kit, complete with safety kit, is provided by the CAI Valle Intelvi.

USEFUL INFORMATION – In Climbing the mental aspect is certainly the most important aspect, the watchword is: fun, without ever leaving out any details on safety

Largo IV Novembre, San Fedele Intelvi

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