Big Bench – Valle d’Intelvi

In Valle d’Intelvi, in the municipality of Centro Valle, a Big Bench was installed, a giant bench from which you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the Valle d’Intelvi, the mountains of the Lariano Triangle (such as Palanzone and San Primo) , of the Lecco area that are opposite and of the lake.

These giant benches are part of an international “Big Bench Community Progect” project promoted by the American designer Chris Bangle together with his wife Catherine, which consists in the installation of giant benches to attract tourism and lend a hand to the local economy.

The projects are non-profit and the benches must be built thanks to donations and the voluntary work of local artisans.

To date, the benches in Italy are 168 in continuous increase and are about to be built in other European countries as well.

On the website you can find the list of installations.

On Lake Como we have:
– the Big Bench in Civenna, a hamlet of Bellagio, in the locality of San Vincenzo, number 137
– the Big Bench in the Intelvi Valley, at the foot of Monte Crocione, number 166.

We can also visit other giant installations that are not part of the project but are equally attractive and special.

We find one in Pescate, in the province of Lecco, inside the Addio Monti park.

Another is located on the long lake of Cernobbio visible until this autumn, is called “Delenimentum” and is the version of the Adirondack Chair, created in 1903 by the designer Thomas Lee.

The project also includes merchandising and personalized passports to be purchased and stamped every time you visit a Big Bench.

Reaching the Big Bench installed in the Intelvi Valley is very simple, go up to the town of Centro Valle fr. San Fedele, after passing the town, follow the road to Casasco, before entering the town of Casasco, continue going up on the right and continue almost as far as the former Monte Crocione ski slope.

The bench is located on the road leading to the Capanna Bruno restaurant, in the Bolla area.
For motor enthusiasts it is close to the “Alpe Grande” special stage of the Aci Como-Etv Rally.


BAR PIZZERIA BELLAVISTA Via Fratelli Terragni – 22022 Casasco Intelvi (CO)Tel: 329 4451165 | Aperto lunedì e dal mercoledì alla domenica 7:30-22:00. Chiuso il martedì.

RISTORANTE RIFUGIO CAPANNA BRUNO Località Capanna Bruno, – 22023 Castiglione D’Intelvi (CO)Tel: 031 830235 | Orario invernale: sabato, domenica e festivi 10-18:00.Orario estivo: dal martedì alla domenica 10-18:00.

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