Well known from worldwide tourism, Brunate is located on a wooded plateau dominant in Como. It is connected to the city by a convenient asphalted road and from the funicular railway, where the route reaches a 55% slope. The village is called the “balcony of the Alps” for its panoramic position that allows you to dominate the city of Como, the whole branch of the lake, the plains and in the background, the Western Alps with Monviso and Monte Rosa. Probably of Celtic origin, Brunate remained always connected to the fate of Como. Because of its strategic location, that much wanted to Como, it could never become independent

. Two kilometers from the village there is St. Maurizio, a small suburb where you see the second basin of the lake. Not far away there is the “Cima delle Tre Croci” Peak of the Three Crosses, where stands the “Torre Ottagonale“ octagonal Tower of the “Faro Voltiano” Volta lighthouse. It was built in 1927 and it is 29 mt. high; during the night it emits a beam of light visible at a great distance. Continuing beyond St. Maurizio, the road continues to climb, reaching the square of the “Cao”, where the asphalted road ends; from here many trails leave to the mountains surrounding, a long walk on a trail leading to Monte Piatto, at whose summit is visible the “pietra pendula” hanging rock, a boulder balanced on a slope; the walk to Monte Palanzone is very attractive and it is made easier by refuges that are on the route. A less demanding walk (15 min.) is to the “sorgente del Pissarottino” – source of Pissarottino – .

Chiesa di Sant’Andrea –St. Andrew Church

The current building is due to sustained actions’ in the XIX century. Inside: There are some frescoes by A. de Passeri ( suddenly altered from unhappy restorations) of the XIV century and seventeenth century by G.P. Recchi.
November 30: Patronal festival of S. Andrea. During the festival, on the last three days, there are some demonstrations and exhibitions’ of various goods. Typical gastronomy and lots of fun.
Third Sunday of September: Festival of St. Maurizio. The festival is organized by the Alpines men and it is a great attraction, featuring by nice games and competitions. During the summer, dancing evenings.
Before the summer takes place the Bulgarian Party, wanted by the Bulgarian Consulate in memory of the writer Penco Slavejov.

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