Dizzasco above Argegno is visible from far away because of its Romanesque bell tower and the face of the painted church. The parochial chapel, dedicated to S. Sisinio, is one of the most ancient of the valley. The village is famous for being a gathering point and a head-quarter for the patriots in the 1800s; here the followers of Mazzini instituted the Republic of S. Sisino after the “Five Days of Milan”. In the period right after the Second World War it became one of the preferred resorts of Winston Churchill where he painted various pictures.

In the village they have recently tried to restore a school of scagliola on the legacy of an ancient local tradition. In the parish there are altars in Intelvese scagliola.

Church of SS. Peter and Paul:
Built up in the XVII century on the ruins of a Romanesque building, and restored in 1959, it has some altars in multi-coloured scagliola attributed to P. Solari from Ramponio.

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