Festival of Bellagio and Lake Como

Soundtracks for the beauty of Lake Como

Friday 21.06 – Sunday 11.08.2019

Special occasion to discover unusual and less know places accompanied by excellent music to move in emotions that can not be missed!

The first Edition of the Music Festival was born on 2011, to celebrate the second centenary of birth of the famous Hungarian composer Franz Liszt.

The purpose of this event is to introduce the less-known places on the lake. Thanks to music, the festival wants to involve people in discovering this fantastic area. It is a tourist cultural route where art, music and nature come together in this charming territory.

Since the beginning of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the intellectuals travelled around Europe for their cultural education. One of the main country was Italy. For each artist to journey through this fantastic nation was a must of study, of cultural and human formation.

One of the famous routes was the Lake of Como. It has been praised in the artist’s masterpiece such as Lizst, Manzoni, Stendhal, Wagner and many others.

This year the Festival of Bellagio and the Lake of Como is the ninth edition, it starts in June to finish on December. The appointments are all free. This event crosses all the full Lake Como Region from Adda to Varenna, passing through Tremezzina and Menaggio, to get up to Erba and Ghisallo, with one common ground: the culture. This crossing event will give to everbody the occasion to discover hidden places, outside the tourist usual route.

During these concerts we can listen to a high quality of music. These musical entertainments are located in beautiful locations, villas, squares, churches, old building, who are frames of a lovely villages as Bellagio known “Jam of the Lake of Como” Blevio, Como, Varenna….. and others.

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