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FOR SALE – Lake Como Carate Urio Villa single floor pool garden

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Lake Como Carate Urio Villa single floor pool garden

The villa is a small gem hidden in a tranquil and verdant area of the municipality of Carate Urio. The house has a nice lake view and is just few minutes walking from the water, facilities and amenities.

The house was built around 1940, by an Italian local man, passionate about boxing, to accommodate young boxers; the layout of the house, arranged on huge single floor, is due to this reason; in the village the house is well known as the Gym. Later the house was bought by an important captain of Italian industry, a man of great culture and passionate about art. Today it has been totally renovated by the current owner and it is very comfortable. The house enjoys a great privacy, lake view and charming garden. The access is only on foot, but this means to enjoy a superb tranquility.
A private parking belongs to the property

The house
Lake Como in Carate Urio the Villa has a plus is to be arranged on a single floor, difficult to find. It has large windows with direct access to the generous terrace and to the garden. Today the house offers 3 bedrooms ensuite, one single bedroom and 4 bathrooms. The living area is made by a huge saloon with high ceiling with a spectacular ceiling and wide kitchen. All the rooms are infused by the a pleasant light all round the day, the simplicity of the house becomes a sign of the design and all the spaces are connected by a long and dramatic corridor.
Each window is a frame of the lake and of the green.

The outdoors
The terrace is surrounding the house and is connected to the garden and the pool area. All the outside space enjoy a great privacy. The garden is mature with nice trees and flowers, it is terraced and all to discover. The land is about 1.500 sqm.
The pool has a large sunbathing wood paved area, that creates a match with the walls in local stone. Peaceful and privacy are the protagonist.

The location
The house is placed in the fraction of Urio, Municipality of Carate Urio. From the house it’s easy to reach on foot the small and famous “spiaggetta” (beach), the boat station and the restaurants. From the private parking plot it’s necessary to go down via a staircase. The distance is about 300 mt.

Urio is a particulary fraction, very loved by Italian and foreigner as here there is all what is needed to loose track of time and spend your relax time.

Carate Urio Villa single floor pool garden

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