YouMines Parco Minerario

The mine is a magical world steeped in history where every visitor, young and old, can go back to the past and discover the wonders of the subsoil and identify with those anonymous men who contributed with pickaxe blows to enhance our territory.

Our guides are ready to accompany you on this journey in the Tourist Mines of Lake Como.

The Piani Resinelli mining park is made up of ancient mines dating back to the 1600s, subsequently the subject of repeated mining operations of an increasingly modern nature.

ANNA – The oldest of the mines recovered for tourism, it was dismantled in 1958. It allows the understanding of the different extraction methods related to the eras and the available means. From this mine, Galena Argentifera was mainly extracted. Arranged on two levels characterized by alternating ups and downs and large corridor galleries, almost entirely illuminated, it allows visits to all ages.

UNDER-HORSE – Mine on seven levels with a central well that allows the view of the sublevels; very suggestive as a disposition, entry for children under the age of 13 and unaccompanied minors is not allowed. Blenda was mainly extracted from this mine.

SILVIA РMine characterized by a room in which a small stage was built to perform suggestive concerts (harp, dejembè and flute)

YouMines Parco Minerario

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