Thanks to the new display panels you can discover the appearance of fossilized prehistoric animals. Simple and concise explanations will show you their main characteristics and their lifestyle. Moreover, following the geological changes, you will discover the evolutionary stages of our territory in a very long time span, from 310 million to 36 thousand years ago.

In the museum will be visible the most important specimens found in the mountains intelvesi and in those surrounding; in particular:

the giant Conifers of the Val Sanagra
the Reptiles of the Gulf of Tetide di Besano
the sensational Crustaceans and Jurassic Sharks of Osteno d’Intelvi
the Fossil Leaves of Kings (in Val Vigezzo – Ossola)
the glacial Predators of Mount Generoso

Alta Valle Intelvi (Co)
Località Scaria, Piazza D. C. Carloni 8

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