STEP 2 kicks off on May 4th

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STEP 2 kicks off on May 4th.

Phase 4 officially starts on May 4th, which includes the following:

May 4: building construction will be able to resume as well as the textile and fashion sector.

May 11: Clothing, footwear and all stores that have so far been closed should reopen; Instead, shopping malls and local markets that do not sell food will remain closed. In any case, all shops and activities open to the public must guarantee safety devices and distance between people.

May 18 we can go to bars and restaurants, but must be oberserved this rules : stay at one meter from the counter, two meters between one table and another, masks and gloves for the waiters. These are the rules.

The current rules on social distancing and the use of safety devices will stay in force.

What we can do and in which way

Use of gloves and masks
Every time we leave the house we will have to wear gloves and masks, even if we will visit relatives.

Safety distance
As for the safety distance between people to avoid contagion, there is still confusion. Someone in the government or in the scientific community speaks of 1 meter, others speak of 1.80 meters, still others of 2 meters.

Moving and leaving home
Most likely, from 4 May you will be able to leave the house again even without proven work or health needs. So we can move for a walk, for example, or to visit a relative, or some sporting activity such as jogging or cycling. The walk can also be done away from home, but alone or at the most in the company of another person, but always keeping the safety distance.

Travel between municipalities
It will be allowed again.

Most likely during the phase 2 , however, it will not yet be possible to move between different Regions, if not for job or health needs.
As regards the possibility of reaching Italy from abroad, there is still no certain information.
The current provisions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs remain in force, which you can read at this link
We hope that the contagion curve continues to drop before reopening everything, so that all of you will be able to come back here in the summer season.

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