A village of ancient origins.
Cremia is formed by different hamlets which go up from the lakeside (hamlet S. Vito( to the slopes of Mount Bregagno.
The first settlements we are sure of were in Roman times; as is demonstrated by archacological finds from that era.
It went from Ludovico il Moro to Lucrezia Crivelli; who joined it with the feud of Nesso. In 1.522 it passed on to Gian Giacomo Medici and, in 1.579, it became part of the feud of the Tre Pievi when it was passed from Philip II to Cardinal Tolomeo Galli.

To See:

The church of San Michele
In the locality of Vignola; it belonged to the Convento delle Umiliate but became the parish church, in 1.551.
The altarpiece of the main altar is the work of Paolo Caliari and features the Archangel Gabriel who is clutching one of Lucifer’s horns in one hand; while in the other he is holding scales for weighing the other rebel angels.

The church of San Vito
Situated in a district of the same name; it was the old parish church.
This medieval building is decorated with pilaster strips and small suspended archcs; the bell tower has mullioned windows with two lights and arches.
lt has three aisles with pointed arches and a cross vault with ribbing from
the fourteenth century.

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