Gera Lario, a small village at the top of Lake Como, is at the mouth of the Mera stream and at the foot of Montemezzo.
Finds from Roman times were discovered in the Piano di Spagna, an extensive area of marshland beetween thc river Adda and the Mera stream which is protected by the Regione Lombardia because of its flora and fauna.
The spherical relay stations of Telespazio have been erected here and can bc seen from the main road.
In the centre of the village there is a pretty square surrounded by plane trees.
There are picturesque houses with frescoes and a church from the sixteenth century. Gera Lario was once a fishing village but its economy is now based on craftwork and its growing tourist industry.


The Church of san Vincenzo
On the site where a Roman villa once stood, of which the remains of a second-century mosaic can still be seen, there is a Romanesque church ( llth-l2tl centuries) which was rebuilt in the fourteenth century.
The existing parts of the earlier Romanesque church are the lower part of the facade, the apse and one side. The facade of the bell tower; which is crowned by small arches in brick, has a pronaos and is opened by a hole, two windows and by an eye with a pure brick cornice.
The interior has pointed arches and a bare wooden roof.
There are frescoes from the Lombarda school from the 16th century; two polyptyches, one of which is on a table and is dated 1.547 while the other is from the sixteenth century; and late-Reaissance wooden sculptures.

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