San Giovanni Festival
Isola Comacina Fireworksand – Lucie Race

22 and 23 June 2019

Every year the Comacina Island becomes the setting for a fireworks display during the San Giovanni Festival.

The event takes place right in front of Island, in an area known as “Zoca de l’Oli” (Oil Basin), because of its waters, which are usually as smooth as oil and the presence of several oil trees on the foot of the surrounding mountains.

The Comacina Island in Ossuccio, the only island on the Lake, was already inhabited in ancient times and a number of wars took place here, in the early Middle Ages.

It was the last refuge for Berengario II and, in1169, it was the centre of a battle between the Milan and Como: after 10 years of fighting, Como inhabitants razed it to the ground as a punishement for supporting Milan.

This battle with fire is remembered through beautiful multi coloured Fireworks lasting half an hour and giving a sound to the lake and all the audience in religious silence.

Best way to watch the event is on a boat on the Lake or in the mainland in front of the Island.


    • Book the parking and pass in time.
    • The road closes from Argegno at 20.00 but there are long queues to reach the area starting from the afternoon.
    • Comfortable shoes and light clothing but bring a sweater … close to the lake there always be a bit of air.
    • Do not get in the car right after the show, the risk is to spend a lot of time in a queue, enjoy a drink by the lake or take another dance at the festival …. The party continues until late at night.

Last Sagra di San Giovanni

Since a lot of years, in the last weekend of June take place the Festival of San Giovanni in Ossuccio characterized by fireworks and musical show of the Comacina Island, the commemoracion of the battle, the pilgrimages on the island, various religious celebrations and the regatta of the “Lucie” around the island (typical boats of the Lake Como).

Many people who went to the place of the event on both days, the good weather, from the early hours of the morning, has definitely encouraged the shift of the tourists towards the lake, 30.000 tourists was estimated for the Saturday evening, in addition to a lots of boats in the lake.

Much appreciated is the picnic area with games for the younger, trampolines, water balls, slides and games of skill.

Full were the car parks created for the event, more than 1.000 parking spaces already occupied from 18.00, as well as the car park of the nearest villages. Numerous the motors.

The pick of the event is on Saturday night at 22.30 where, for about 45 minutes, music, lights, colours and fireworks, encircle the story of the Comacina Island’s battle … A show not to be missed.

The festival is an opportunity for residents to organize barbecues in the gardens with friends and the family and the lucky ones who enjoy the view of the island and the lake from their homes do not move from there.

If you see the show from the garden, lying on the grass or from a boat in the middle of the lake the fireworks have always their charm.


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