Choose the Lake Como as a destination for your honeymoon

Why choose Lake Como?

For the incredible nature that overlooks the lake, offering unique views everywhere you look faces, for its historic charm, the wonderful villas and monuments, to the mountains blend with the lake, the sky’s never the same tone which gives pictures really postcard. And then for the people, really friendly, who always knows to give a smile to a friend who is by far more than what is intended as a simple tourist. Finally for your privacy: no mass tourism, no villages, no all inclusive …

When to go and what to do on Lake Como?

Lake Como is always nice to visit, and during the cold months than during the warm.
In winter, the nearby Valle d’Intelvi you can practice winter sports such as skiing, cross country skiing, and opened a brand new go-kart track in the snow. If you want to visit the ancient villas such as Villa Carlotta, Villa Balbianello etc. … you have to keep in mind that they are closed to the public from November to March. From April to October the temperatures are pleasant and ideal for a holiday on the lake.

The area of Lake Como is a huge open air gym where you can practice all different types of sports from skiing to mountain biking, horsing riding to trekking. The upper lake area is paradise for sporty types and those who love windsurfing and sailing. The upper lake wind is strong and is called ‘La breva’ which ensures fun and enjoyment of these water sports.
Thanks to the many clubs and water schools in this area of the lake your sure to find some new sport to experiment! There are courses for adults and children.

One of the most important natural reserves of the area is Pian di Spagna. Here you can have a fun day trotting about between the reeds and trees with over 24 species of birds.

A brief boat trip separates the coast of Ossuccio from the beautiful island Comacina. The only island of Lake Como is Comacina. The island is beautiful all year round where you’ll find an antique ambient with the brightly coloured fishing houses and the romantic church of S. Giacomo. It is an area rich with history, art, traditions and memories.

You can arrive at fantastic Lake Como villas onboard wooden ‘Riva’ speedboats and enjoy strolling around the picturesque gardens. This style of boat is reminiscent of the 60’s and the famous Italian era of the ‘Dolce Vita’ where popular film stars were photographed on board these luxurious speedboats on Lake Como. There are fabulous villas dotted along the lake, with magnificent architecture and traditional Italian gardens to visit.

Play Golf in the popular town of Lanzo or Menaggio, situated on the banks of the lake with courses of 18 holes which has been carved out of natural surroundings to create a most pleasant atmosphere.
Play the narrow fairways, with challenging uneven terrain and let yourself be enchanted by the backdrop of the Alps far in the distance.

Spend evenings at festivals of music and good food can not miss during your visit.

Where to stay?

The lake offers a wide range of possibilities, from the luxurious Grand Hotel and fairytale settings to very typical family-run hotels to farmhouses and jovial in nature. There are also many bed and breakfasts and rental properties, where you can find not only comfort and acceptance, but also an excellent quality / price ratio that can meet any budget.
Who sight of the lake can not try the typical local cuisine, there are many restaurants where you can try polenta and missoltino, whitefish, perch risotto … our chefs will delight your palate (see our section on the table to see recipes).

Curiosities of the Lake:

During the summer it is not difficult to see special characters “walking” on the waters of the Gulf of Lenno with JetLev, recently patented a jet, or a labrador swimming brings the boat to shore trainandola master with a rope.
The lake is a place of stories and legends, the elders of the place have so many stories and sayings that will tell you over a good glass of wine in the many typical inns.
Legend has it that years ago due to a flood, the church of the village of Lenno was submerged under water and disappeared into the lake. Some locals swear they hear strange ringing of bells when the wind blows on the lake in the days of a storm: the bells of the church disappeared. For the time has not yet been ascertained the veracity of what …

Another legend says that the Ossuccio is connected with the island Comacina by a road that is passable on foot when the lake is very low. Even here there is no real certainty, this road has never been found.
The legend of the existence of the basilisk Gallo (in the local dialect “Gall Besaisch”) is another of the many stories of the lake. Described as a lizard with dark gray leather and covered with scales, and on his head a crown down the back from a ridge on the tail hard to saw, two membranous wings and legs close to the bifid tongue. According to the legends the Gallo basilisk whistled attracting the attention of men and animals. Who stared into his eyes remained spellbound as stone. Its venom had immediate effect, there was no escape for the victim. Of this famous Gallo Basilisk there have been sightings … is it true or perhaps suggestion can transform a simple snake in a legendary animal …. Who knows!

If you choose Lake Como as the location of your wedding a great alternative to the Lake for honeymooners can be found here.

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