The wedding

Te, Larii maxime; with these words Publio Virgilio Marone used to celebrate the beauty of Lake Como in the first century before Christ;

since then the quotations of well- known personalities captured by the magnificent landscapes and the luxury mansions have been so many.

Manzoni, Stehdhal, Foscolo, Byron, Verdi, Napoleone, Leonardo da Vinci, Bellini, Liszt, Fogazzaro, Hitchcock, Adenauer , this is only a short list of notable names which have appointed Lario as a magic place both for meditation and enjoyment of life pleasures .

The sumptuousness of the historical villas such as Villa d’Este, Villa Pizzo, Villa Pliniana, Villa Melzi d’Eril, Villa Carlotta, Villa Olmo, Villa Balbianello are a confirmation of the refined taste and harmonious atmosphere of this lake , some of them were in the past and still are the stage of amazing receptions and dream wedding ceremonies, which are unique , reserved and exclusive.

Como Lake is the ideal scenery to celebrate the most beautiful day in your
life due to the large choice of extremely high quality locations and breathtaking views.

We could not select one in particular. It would be unjust towards the others. They are numerous and all beautiful, lying sleepily, just like young women, on the sunny banks of the lake. To reawake them could be a simple “I do”…

Exclusive places like villas are full of history, which illustrate style and good taste, capturing their own visions of their worlds. Elegant architectural forms in harmony with their surroundings, complementing each other; making them precious by using local materials and nature in harmony. These villas make a prestige order in the complexity that only humans know how to create when nature offers an already beautiful backdrop. It is in this context that an event, such as a wedding, can find its ideal completion.

In the romanticism of the atmosphere, the tenderness of color in the wide spaces in which the guests enjoy the magnificent moments, emphasizing the beauty of those instants. The couple will treasure these memories while offering their guest the best in order for them to accompany them down the aisle.

The colors of the lake could be enough… the different pastel tints of the villas incased in the green hills while framing the contrasting shades of the water, they are priceless… However, nature gave us even more: an innumerable variety of flowers having forms and colors almost infinite. Weddings are always since accompanied by colors, symbol of the joy of life…

The flower arrangements, modern without being extreme, classic, but never repetitive, are taken care of by flower designers, which combine their professionalism with their creativity and know how to capture the spirit of each wedding precisely. With the best photographers and great flower arrangements: Lago di Como makes them both available.

The images from the event, seen through the eyes of photographers of national fame, will use color as an essential element. The color of the flowers being the palette with which to paint your emotions.


People who visited Italy, whether it be mountains, sea or lakes they cannot deny that one major point of interest, next to the historic and artistic heritage is Italian cuisine. The Italian peninsula flourishes of professional chefs who share their knowledge with those who wish to experience a new emotion, a new taste, those who wish to learn how the art of great cuisine may enhance a moment in life. Lago di Como is no exception. We can’t write a brief paragraph on the typical local dishes even if we tried because we would need a chapter. From fish to meat, from vegetables to desserts, it would be so difficult to express the different possibilities and goodness. It is impossible for anyone not to be captivated by the intense, dark green of the extra virgin olive oil or the profound red reflections of Italian red wine, whose smell captures us before our plates feel complete satisfaction from the full-bodied taste. These two and many other aspects of the Italian cuisine give you a breathtaking experience that is all part of being in Italy.
All this culinary art is to be found in the catering services of high standard, that are an integral and important part of wedding events in the villas on the lake of Como. The pleasure of the sight meets what the flavors have to tell; food prepared by professionals who bring a new edge to what Italian tradition has excelled for centuries. The atmosphere is enhanced by the very highest standards of food culture for which the Lake Como region is famous, never lacking in anyway.



…be embraced by the notes in an elegant and informal atmosphere, while words become easy in the distinct lights and shadows, so inviting… If you are searching for something calm and relaxing on your big day, the intimacy with those that are on the same wave length, no exhibition, only emotions.


…you move through the warmth and timeless spaces of an antique villa… every step, every moment is a part of a romantic and delicate dream come true, with the lake as an exceptional witness.


…no doubt…just look around and observe. The best of the best, an environment of pure luxury, that does not expect any competition… an exceptional atmosphere for an event that leaves its mark, not only inside of you…


he right music. Like a soft grass carpet to walk on. The element, which combines all parts, making them one. Sweet notes will be the background of the tenderest moments and will have the primary role to create your very own “world apart”, which place in your soul to which only you keep the key… Those who will enter will be accompanied by the music that you have chosen for them, the soundtrack of your love. The place will be filled with an even more magical atmosphere than expressed on its own, animated by your loved ones happily sharing this new union that is just born, and the notes professionally created by the artist that will be there for you…only for you…


Time passes and traditions change. In past centuries around Lake Como, marriages as well as the ceremony were not choices but contracts. Until the early 10th century, the couple was allowed little freedom to spend time together before the wedding. Young girls were expected to behave modestly and their virtue had to be flawless if they wanted a good marriage. Mothers and grandmothers dictated proper behavior and expected complete obedience from the girls – even the showing of an arm was considered “risqué”.
Almost all weddings took place between the young of the same village because contact with other towns was limited. In today’s world, these old-fashioned customs seem silly to us. Many couples from various countries came to say “Si” in front of the marvelous lake where they are welcomed with open arms. If a hundred years ago, marrying a girl from the next town was a big deal, today different couples from all over the world celebrate their wedding on the shores of Lake Como. The atmosphere is timeless, in tune with the gentle lapping of the waves against the shore.

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