Leaving from Como, the last village, you meet before Bellagio, is Lezzeno, with a communal territory that extends for approximately 7 kms. With its numerous fractions dislocated on the rivers of the lake and the slopes of mounts, Lezzeno is famous also as residential center.
After the fraction Villa, in the last feature of road before Bellagio, you can see Grosgalli, evocative reefs with walls straight on the lake and cracks created from the erosion of waters.

Of remarkable interest it is also the visit, to be carried out in boat, to the Cove of the Bulberi or Blue; it’s famous for the color effects that the solar light provoke.

Lezzeno is also an important handicraft center, for the production of iron thread and metallic nets, and center of nautical yards. From a fragment of tombale slab, with registration of III sec. a.C. the bulwark in the bell tower of the parochial one, we know that the zone was already inhabited in roman age.

Church of the SS. Quirico and Giulitta
Built up in XVI century and later rebuild, the parochial one has, in the chorus, a large frescoes of intelvese painter G. Quaglio.
Oratory of the Madonna of the Famous Stock also knows as the Visitazione, is of 400′ origin.
Silva palace
Situated in Morbia fraction, it would be, as some students thinks, it is the house where Arch. Silva (1.560-1.641) was born, erroneously considered ticinese ones of Morbio.

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