Pianello Lario is a commune with wards scattered along the lake and round the foot of Monte Bregagno; the Town Hall is in Calozzo.
There are beautiful walks between these villages.
The church of San Martino (interesting frescoes) on the shores of the lake is worth a visit.
A 19th century spinning mill houses a museum of the typical boats used on Lake Como.
At once time the locals made a living from agriculture and shep farming, but now their economy also relies on the growing tourist industry in the area.


The Church of San Martino
This is a fifteenth century renovation of an older building. lt has a fourteenth century bell tower with a spire, and contains a silver-gilt processional cross dated 1.489 by the artist from Gravedona F. Ser Gregori.

The Museum of “La Raccolta della Barca Lariana”
Opened in 1.982, it houses a great number of boats typical of the lake from the 19th century to today.
The museum consists of 14 rooms in which one can admire over 600 boats that played an important part in the nautical hystory of the lake. Among thc most interesting examples, there is a Venetian gondola from the last century which was built on Lake Como, and a Cisco, which is a typical English sailingboat also from the last century. The other exhibits include gondolas from Como, comballi, a quatrass and a Balilla (a navigation boat).

Pianello is an excellent area for water sports such as water skiing, kitesurfing and sailing.

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