The Lario kitchen

The traditional dishes of our kitchen are based on local products: vegetables, fish, meat, milk and eggs, without forgetting chestnuts and polenta. In fact, these last two products, many years ago, were the main diet due to their heavy caloriey content. People ate polenta every day instead of any kind of bread and, above all, white bread that was considered food for the more weathly beings.

Como was important for silk, the beautiful lake but also for Como bread, called in dialect “pan de Com”; it was so tastey that the rich milanese people had it delivered fresh every day to the city.

Our recipes are simple but restricted. Our dishes are genuine and savoury. They are not recipes that require hours of preparation, maybe because the women had no time to prepare the family meal as she worked the fields also. On these pages you find typical recipes of the Lario and neighbouring regions. You can try them in the city or mountain restaurants, or at home.

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