Valle Intelvi Excursion

The complex conformation of Val d’ Intelvi that extends, almost pronged, between the Lario and the Ceresio, offers several possibilities of itineraries, that the tourist can choose as he wishes. We propose the Argegno-Dizzasco-Castiglione-San Fedele-Lanzo with final descent to Osteno on the sides of the Lugano lake, without omitting some interesting drifts, like Schignano (famous for its folk Carnival), and then proceeding until Casasco and finally to the isolated mountain sites of Erbonne and Orimento.

From S. Fedele starts the road to Pigra, an evocative panoramic balcony that can be reached also from Argegno by cable-way. Penetrating more and more inside the valley, we reach the the small village of Scaria, where an important Diocesian Art Museum is located, that testifies the work of the famous Mastri Intelvesi; and finally we reach Lanzo, the tourist capital of the valley, with its view on the lake of Lugano and its well equipped facilities for winter sports.

From the bifurcation of S.Fedele, the road then comes down towards Osteno across the colorful villages of Laino and Ponna with a beautiful sight on the Lake of Lugano, and then to Osteno,
famous also its orrido, described by Fogazzaro in his novel Malombra.

To who would like to taste local specialties: we recommend the fresh and tasty butter and cheese that can be found in the local milk-shops.

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