In the centre of the villeggiatura mountains the village Zelbio is situated towards the left of the ‘Vallone di Nesso’, infront of Veleso. The area can be reached by a road that runs from Como to Bellagio. However when arriving at Nesso turn off the road and travel towards Pian Del Tivano. The zone is famous with tourists because of the cool breeze and beautiful greenery. The visitors like to take excursion trips deep into the mountains or walking and treking. In winter many visitors come to ski (if there is snow). Close to the town you can find the cave of Zeblio and ‘Tacchi’; at Pian del Tivano you can visit the ‘Buco della Nicolina’, famous for its rare examples of insects and flowers you can discover.

Chiesa di S. Paolo

Built in the XVI century, the church has left in preserve a tapestry by C. Carloni.
Sunday School: SS. Primo and Feliciano, “dell’Addolorata”
Inside the building, there is a famous tempura dating from the 4th century, which was returned to the area at the end of the XIX century.

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