Bosco del Maggiociondolo
In the middle of the botanical path “Landscape of transhumance” that leads from Orimento to Alpe di Gotta we find the Bosco del Maggiociondolo.

The Bosco del Maggiociondolo is unique in Europe, usually this plant grows individually or in small groups.
The plant reaches a maximum height of 6 meters, it is called fake ebony, the scientific name is Laburnum anagyroides. The flowers are golden yellow in color, very fragrant, grouped in long pendulous racemes (up to 25 cm). The fruits are legumes with numerous black seeds containing cytisine (an alkaloid), extremely poisonous (for humans, but also for goats and horses), especially if immature. However, some wild animals (such as hares, rabbits and deer) can feed without problems and for this reason in some regions it is considered a magical plant. (from Wikipedia)

In late May / early June there is the flowering of Laburnum, the mountain turns yellow and the air is intoxicated by the scent of its flowers. A must see!
The path is easy for children too and the forest is wonderful to see.
A unique and instructive experience.
Anyway you will find signs indicating the name of the flowers and plants you will encounter.

How to get:
From Como take the western shore of the Lario following the SS 340 “Regina” state road to Argegno. After the town of Argegno go up to the left towards the Intelvi Valley up to San Fedele.
Go past the central square of San Fedele, get to the bus depot, then follow via Monte Generoso / for Orimento to the left. From the square of Orimento, follow the signs for the high path of Monte generoso.

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