Menaggio e Plesio
Menaggio is located on the western shore of Lake Como, at the mouth of the Val Menaggina, where there is a fork, in the Via Regina, for Porlezza and Switzerland. Its three districts are Croce and Loveno, in the hills and Nobiallo at the edge of the lake. Due to its panoramic position, with a view that overlooks Bellagio, the Grigne and the Corni di Canzo mountains, and its pleasant climate, it has been a renowed resort for more than a century.
Its central position, among lake and mountains, makes Menaggio an ideal starting point for all kinds of excursions.
The splendid lake side promenade offers a unique view of the central lake.
The beautiful villas give testimony to this fact. They include Villa Belfaggio, Villa D’Azeglio, Villa Lovone and Villa Vogoni, all of which are in the residential area of Loveno.

Its central position, among lake and mountains, makes Menaggio an ideal starting point for all kinds of excursions

Plesio is a municipality composed of different hamlets, which are scattered among woods and pastures.To be pointed out: the Madonna’s Sanctuary at Breglia, from which the view is wonderful, and the parish church from the XVIth century.

The archaelogical findings, made in the area, prove the presence of man since the Neolithic age, even though the first settlements were made by Gauls and, subsequently, by the Romans. The wars with Como took place during the 12th and 13th centuries, while the Grigionesi invaded the area during a religious war which brought Protestantism to the whole territory.
This was followed by the Spanish invasion which, for nearly two centuries, brought misery, destruction and the plague. It was only with the arrival of the Austrians and Archduchess Maria Teresa that order and prosperity returned.

On the 25 of May, 1.859, people declared the end of Austrian domination. Thus a new epoch began where the area became a resort and so had a new source of income. In 1.945 Menaggio was in the news with the passing through of the Column of Mussolini, which stopped at the school of “Castellino da Castello”, where the Brigate Nere were staying.

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