Pellio Intelvi
altitude 750/815 mt., 30 Km. from Como

At about 5 Km. from Lanzo, over one of the Val d’Intelvi plateaus, we can fine the village of Pellio, composed of Pellio Superiore and Pellio Inferiore. Like the rest of the valley, the human settlements in this area date back to a very ancient time; at Pian delle Noci the archeological excavations revealed hat-shaped boulders and Gallic graves. The historical center of the village presents a typically medieval structure; we can find houses of the seventeenth century with beautiful portals, among which stands out that of the sculptor Ercole Ferrara, one of the most well-known “Magistri Intelvesi”. At Pellio Superiore the ruins of an ancient cloister of the XIII century are still visible. The place is very busy both in winter and in summer time because of the local skiing facilities and for the Lanzo Golf Club not far from the centre…

S. Michele curch

Built in 1610, reshaped several times, the church contains works of the local sculptor E. Ferrara (XVII century), a tabernacle of the sixteenth-century and a number of works by local painters.
Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin from Caravaggio
Already dedicated to St. Giorgio, the sanctuary is constituted of a building (ri-structured in 1772) with one nave only, with side chapels, trefoil abside and sacristy. Of the original Romanesque factory, it preserves the facade and part of the right hand side. The sacristy, an eighteenth-century environment rich with stuccos and frescos of the time, is considered the most complete and elegant example of intelvese rococò.

July: dancing in the evenings.
18th – 20th of August: exhibition at the Auditorium of the winning photographs of the photography competition starting in June.
August: Trial Indoor, Fratelli Cambria trophy– Bowls Competition (single, doubles e mixed) – dancing in the evenings and cabaret at the “Il gatto e la volpe”.
September: Choir Concert, at the Auditorium.
Cheese and dairy products.

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