The village after Menaggio is S. Abbondio. Lying at the edge of the lake in the shadow of the Bregagno, it is the mouth of the Val Senagra, a protected area of naturalistic value still inhabited by deer. The village is composed of the districts of Molino, Prada, Marledo, Pezzo and Senagra.
Historically, S. Abbondio followed the vicissitudes of Menaggio, but from 1.928 to 1.957 it was part of the commune of S.Maria Rezzonico.

The Church of Sant’Abbondio
This church which was designed by Ugo Zanchetti was built in the 1.930s. It has just one aisle and a semi-circular barrel value apse.
Its seventeenth century altar is made of multi-coloured marble and there is a fresco by Morazzone dated 1.618. Beyond this there is the fourteenth century Oratory of Sant’Abbondio.
Villa La Gaeta
This villa takes its name from the place where it stands and was designed by the eclectic Gino Coppadè. It has forms which were typical of the medieval and Renaissance periods. Its most interesting features are its two towers: one faces teh lake and the other faces the hill.

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