Going along thc Via Regina, the last town you come to on the northern tip of Lake Como is Sorico.Its communal tcrritory extends as far as the river Mera which is linked to Lake Mezzola and the Piano di Spagna. The latter is an extensive grassland which was once marshy but is now reclaimed. Its name derives from the Spanish encampments which were set up there in the 17th and 18th centuries.The road which runs along the edge of a lake comes to an and here and beyond thc Ponte del Passo (bridge of thc pass) there is a crossroads which is the starting point of the roads which lead to thc Valtellina the Valchiavenna and Switzerland and Lecco.

The Church of San Stefano
Flanked by an impressive Romanesque bell tower, which was part of the original building; it manifests baroque features from its rebuilding in 1.703. The signs of previous changes from the fourteenth century are evident in the apses and the portal. Inside there is a Renaissance triptych from the Lombard School.
The Church of San Miro
This stands above the village and is a destinatin for pilgrimages for rain.
The Oratorio di San Fedelino
Built on the shore of Lake Mezzola, it is a small square Romanesque building from the 11th century.
It is decorated externally by small arches and pilaster strips, and inside the apse there is a fresco, which is as old as the building itself.

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