Stazzona, Germasino, Garzeno, Consiglio di Rumo

Stazzona is a town with small villages dotted along the road leading to the St. Jorio Pass. It is said that the name originates from the word “statio”. A typical house in the valley is the “Masun”. The church of St. Giuliano is worth visiting.

Germasino is a small mountain village surrounded by pastures and woods.

It has an excellent climate. The old part of the town is very typical. Garzeno is the starting point for a variety of excursions (St. Jorio, Giovo, Somma-river). The church of St Pietro with frescoes by Fiammenghino is worth a visit

Consiglio di Rumo
Its name comes from the ancient “Concilium”. The ideal starting point for walks and excursions to the nearby hills. The town has several small villages.
The churches of St. Gregorio and St. Giovanni Battista are worth visiting.

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