Dosso del Liro, Peglio, Livo, Vercana, Trezzone, Montemezzo

These towns offer many nature walks and excursions to the surrounding hills.

At Dosso del Liro, the Parish and Church of S. Pietro in Costa are worth seeing.

Peglio features many beautiful old homes with votive frescoes on the outside. The Church of Saints Eusebio and Vittore is worth a visit.

Livo has typical houses with an external wooden accessway called “ballatoio” and votive frescoes. The Church of St. Giacomo with various frescoes is worth a visit.

Vercana offers a stunning view of the lake.

Trezzone, in addition to its typical old town centre, features the church of Madonna delle Grazie.

Montemezzo features some ideal natural launching pads for hang gliders. The church of St. Martino is worth a visit.

offers a stunning view of the lake.

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