Agriturismo Le Radici. farmhouse.

Welcome to Agriturismo Radici

Agriturismo Radici is a unique italian style of ‘farmstay’.

We have a deep bond with the local area, its rural farming traditions and offer you genuine, local cuisine straight from the mountain’s doorstep.

Here at our farm ‘Azienda Agricola’, we work hard to reach our goals of respecting the health of people, and of following ethical, sustainable practices.

We believe that if you look after the land she will thank you with good produce. Azienda Agricola’s products are made right here on the mountains.

It may take more time and much more effort than making it elsewhere, but results in a superior product, with environmental influences that are unique to this well cared for environment.

The items offered at our restaurant and store are strictly our own, or local artisinal items, & hand made with the same passion and dedication as our own

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Agriturismo Le Radici – farmhouse
Localita’ Alpe di Blessagno, Valle Intelvi (CO)



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