The village is divided in three areas: the upper area, where the building of the Municipality is located, the central area with the little church of S. Bartolomeo and finally the lower area.

Church of SS. Gallo and Desiderio

Of Romanesque origin, it was built in 1669. It presents a scenic face, with frescoes reproducing architectonic structures of remarkable perspective effect. Preceded by a tree-lined avenue flanked by chapels for the Via Crucis, in part painted in the XVIII century by C. Scotti, it preserves, inside, frescoes of the XVIII century, besides more ancient paintings, such as the one of Ambrogio di Valsolda, dating 1504.

Church of S. Giacomo Apostolo
Built up in the XVI century and modified in 1725, it contains wooden frescoes of the XVIII century, wooden reliquary and a marble group also of the XVIII century.

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