This old fishing village has kept the characteristics of its past history intact down through the years; coupling with these a dynamic capacity to open itself to tourism; so much so that it has become the most hospitable centre in the upper lake.It offers a wide variety of accommodation which has made it famous both in Italy and abroad.
Situated in an amphitheatre-like gulf at the opening of thc Valle del Livo; Domaso enjoys a pleasant climate, caressed by a constant breeze called thc Breva. Worth a special mention, among the various patrician houses; is Villa Camilla; which today serves as the Town Hall.
Domaso is considered to be one of the most important centres for water sports; especially windsurfing. The town of Domaso has a mild climate and sits in a gorgeous spot on the lakefront. Today Domaso is a well-known tourist destination with top accommodations (numerous camping sites) and sports facilities (windsurf, sailing, tennis, hiking, mountain bike, fishing and water sports in general). The town not only offers several night spots and locales, but also a wide beach and a panoramic lakeside boardwalk. Seen from the lake, the town is a sequence of old homes with porticos facing the port, which is proof of its ancient past as a fishing village.
The S. Bartolomeo parish church, which dates back to 1247 and was reconstructed in the 17th century, merits a visit. The church has a Pietà from the school of Rodari; frescos by Cesare Ligari, Domenico Caresana and Giulio Cesare Procaccini; and also interesting engravings and an organ.
One of the most interesting villas from the 19th and 20th centuries is the Villa Camilla (now the Town Hall), which has several lovely frescoes and is next to a splendid park.
A beautiful polychrome wood statue of the Madonna, which was recently restored, can be seen in a niche.
A point of historical and gastronomical interest is the wine of Domaso. Its production is very limited (the vineyards are in the wards of Pozzuolo and Faggio) and docs not exceed 12.000 bottles. This white wine was already appreciated 2,000 years ago by the Romans; a fact which was attested by Plinio il Vecchio. Besidcs the traditional fish of thc lake; the cuisine of Domaso does not leave much space for pasta and soups in general, but prefers gnocchi with seasonal vegetables and risotto cooked in various ways. Polenta is also a typical dish; served with mushrooms; salumi and local cheeeses (such as semuda and robbiola) or cooked with butter and stringy cheese (la polenta vuncia). There are two desserts typical of the area: mescia, a home-made cake of becad and fruit; and tortello; a pancake with apples. It is possible to go on excursions in thc nearby mountains. There are also great opportunities for those keen on fishing.

The Church of San Bartolomeo

Erected in the 16th century on the ruins of a medieval structure.
Over the portal on the right side thcre is a “Pietà” from the school of Rodari (15th-16th centuries).
Inside there are sixteenth-century frescoes by P.Ligari; a painting attributed to Morazzone; a silver-gilt processional cross by the goldsmith from Como C. P. Lierni (1.533); and a wooden crucifix which probably dates back to medieval times.

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