San Fedele Intelvi
altitude 779 mt., 28 Km. from Como

Important vacation center, S. Fedele Intelvi dominates the whole valley thanks to its position over a saddle that is a watershed between the two parts of the valley, ending up in the Lario and Ceresio. The village consists of S. Fedele Inferiore, that is the residential area, and S. Fedele Superiore, that is the ancient borgo. Here Andrea Brenta lived , the hero of the Intelvese Renaissance who was then shot by the Austrians in Como.

The country is point of departure for climbing and hicking. Considerable for its panorama is the trip to Monte Generoso, that it is carried out passing from Alpe Grande and from Bocca di Orimento. From S. Fedele Intelvi goes the “Road of the lake Como Mountains”, entirely marked by the CAI of Como. During the winter season, on the Alpe Grande, it is possible practice winter sports.

S. Antonio Church
Repeatedly broadened and changed, it presents, of its original Romanic structure, the hut facade (XII century) with a splayed column portal, supporting the main arcs and the capitals with floral decorations. Inside: rich plaster decoration of six-seven hundred; frescos of the XVI century; eighteenth-century paliotti in scagliola.

July and August: dancing on Saturday evenings, concerts and various other events.
16th of August: fair of S. Rocco.
Half October: exihibition of the avelignese horse in the Simplicitas location netx to Villa Simplicita and Solferino.

Covered Swimming pool, tennis, football

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