Coming from Como, before the center of the village of Argegno, you find the road to Schignano.
The road that goes up to the village is about 7 kms., it’s very nice and rounded by trees and with an amazing lake view.
Schignano is a nice hilly village, located at 650 meters over the see level with mountains around it, as mountain Comana, Sasso Gordona, Crocione and San Zeno.
It’s a location appreciated by tourists.

The village is divided in several fractions: Occagno is the most peopled, consisting of an ancient “borgo”, with small and particular streets and very nice squares. You will enjoy the sight of renovated typical house with balconies full of flowers.
In Occagno, there is the Municipality, the Post office, the Church, the kindergarten and the primary school.
Through a confortable road you can reach the other fractions: Perla, Vesbio, Posa, Chignolo, Almanno, Retegno, auvrascio and Molobbio. valle d’intelvi
You can enjoy the mountains all around with relaxing walkings: from Schignano go up to Posa, by car, and from there, walking for one hour and half, through a path “mulattiera” you reach Binate, where you will find a nice refuge of CAI.
The “vetta del Sasso Gordona” is another interesting point. From there you have a wonderful panorama.

One of the most famous appointment of Schignano is the Carnival where you will enjoy strange and colourful costumes.

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