Horseback riding Lolo Horses

After years of experience, Lolo Horses was born with the intention of simplifying riding by opening a unique and clear communication channel between horse and man through ethology.
We operate in the equestrian sector with sweet methods; by constantly studying the responses of our horses we have constantly developed and refined the different techniques related to any discipline.
With dedication and passion we dedicate ourselves to horses every day remembering with pride that:
“who feeds an animal feeds his soul” Cit.

Immersed in nature is our riding school, a newly built structure, boxes of different sizes, large paddocks and all the comforts required.

Offered services:

  • board for sporting and non-sports horses
  • recovery of problematic horses
  • pony school from 2 years
  • riding school
  • walks for each level of preparation
  • trekking
  • competitive preparation in show jumping and dressage
  • horse / pony trade

Lanzo d’Intelvi – Alta Valle (CO)
Tel: +41 787256280

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