Mithos Greek Pita Gyros – Greek Restaurant

Mithos Greek Pita Gyros – Greek Restaurant is in the centre of Como, where you can enjoy the authentic goodness of traditional Greek cuisine, in a typically Mediterranean atmosphere.

Delicious appetizers of meat, pite of all kinds, souvlaki, dishes with feta cooked in various ways, classic or moussaka and of course the tzatziki sauce based on yogurt await you.

If you want to enjoy these specialties from the comfort of your home, request the takeaway service now.

It brings the aromas and flavors of Greece to Como as well.
The restaurant offers some of the typical dishes of Greek cuisine, prepared with great care and attention to detail and an eye for the ingredients, always fresh and genuine.

Among the specialties offered by the restaurant, in particular, you can order the classic Greek salad, made with olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and feta, keftes in different variants and of course all the dishes based on Greek yogurt that with its sour aftertaste is perfect to accompany both sweet and salty dishes.

Mithos Greek Restaurant
Via Milano,143
Como, 22100
(39) 366 2737461

hopening Hours
Monday Closed
Mar – Sun
11:45 – 15:00 / 18:45 – 22:30

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